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What is an Affiliate Website?

Affiliate programs, also called Associate Programs, are arrangements in which an Online Merchant Website pays Affiliate Websites like Luxury Brands Only a small commission after traffic (customers) are sent to their website to purchase an item.  After viewing a product on the product page, the ‘CHECK PRICE’  button will take you direct to the Merchant where you can get more information on the product and complete your transaction. 

What if I have a problem with my order?

If you have queries regarding a product or an order please contact the merchant direct. Some of our partners have world wide stores. You can find their contact information on Our Partners page.

How do I know my payments are secure?

Luxury Brands Only does not handle any transactions. When the CHECK PRICE button is clicked you are directed to the Merchants website direct to complete the transaction.  All of our partners are SSL Certificate Holders who have been actively online for a number of years and have a Stable Trusted Customer Base.

So if you are paid commission for sales does this inflate the item price?

Our Commission in no way affects the product price. Luxury Brands Only receives commission only after your sale has been completed.

Think of ‘Luxury Brands Only’ as a LookBook. 

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